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#Trending: What are the top expenses for Nigerian youths?

by Abiodun
#Trending: What are the top expenses for Nigerian youths?
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What are the top expenses for most young Nigerians?

What you spend money on depends on your marital status, working, and living conditions. It is also based on whether you are a student or worker or you live alone or with parents or family.

Furthermore, your spendings are contingent on what you are currently doing. For instance, if you are in school, you might be spending more on textbooks.

Faith spoke about what she spends the most money on, she said, “Uber or Bolt, data and food. I do not like buses and danfo and transport fares literally milks me.

“Data is like crack cocaine to me too, Once I notice I am running low, I have to buy more and, when I get it, I squander it for YouTube and Netflix. I often think I spend too much on snacks.”

Tamilore who is a student says; “Data and Food. This month I reckon I’ve spent at least N10,000 on data already.”

Samuel just moved into a new city and, he is spending a lot to make his home comfortable. “Still spending on setting up my space here. Then food, I buy food since I haven’t started cooking. Then transport. I go out every day, mostly to work. Then friends and family billings. Then adult-staying alone bills.”

Young people spend a lot on food, especially eating out

A common trend for those who do not have free wifi or internet is to spend a lot of money on internet subscription.

But for others, a lot of money is spent on rent, going out with friends, beauty products, clothes, paying for electricity, fuel, school fees and children items for those who have kids.

According to Yomi, “I think I spend most of my money buying data. I subscribe almost three times a week. I spend N1500 every time I subscribe.”

Food and transport are everyday expenses that should ordinarily not cost much. Data and internet connection is a new addition to everyday expenses that siphons young people’s money.

Because of inflation, these things cost higher than they should ordinarily cost and they eat deeply into people’s pockets leaving them with not much for savings, investments, luxuries and vacations.

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